About Us

Splipharm was founded in 2005 by pharmacist Mag. Christoph Splichal. The Splichal family has a long tradition in health care. Already in 1914 Heinrich Splichal founded the first pharmacy in Vienna. In the 60s of the last century Ladislaus Splichal started with pharmaceutical wholesale, which is still part of the pharmacy. So, it came then in fourth generation to the Splipharm. And the fifth generation will pass on the business of the family in the future.

The first task of the company Splipharm was the representation and marketing of a product for lice treatment from the US for the EC market. Later, Splipharm became a national and international pharmaceutical wholesaler.

The central warehouse of Splipharm is located in the 18th district of Vienna.

Splipharm is a shareholder of the Doropharm k.s, a wholesaler in Bratislava, Slovakia. Furthermore, Splipharm cooperates with the wholesale warehouse of St. Martin Pharmacy. The three companies work closely together in the Splichal Group. The core team of the Splipharm is small, but together in the Splichal Group, there are more than 20 employees in the office and warehouse, with turnover of more than 40 million euros per year (status 2018).

Without a doubt, our customers are the main key to the prosperity of Splipharm. Therefore the aim of the company is to retain existing customers and to gain new ones. The needs and expectations of our  customers are clearly defined, transposed to requirements and fulfilled to satisfaction. In practice, this requires the constant assessment and re-assessment of information gained from our customers and other stakeholders.

Everyone in our team is highly qualified so that Splipharm can offer the highest quality of products to our customers.