Mag. pharm. Christoph Splichal is qualified person responsible for the pharmaceutical wholesale business of the Splipharm. Quality manager of the company is Dr. Gerd Nanz.

Splipharm maintains the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the valid  EN  ISO  9001:2015 Standard and Good distribution practice. It is our duty to meet the requirements and maintain the efficiency of our Quality Management System and to increase the level of knowledge and skills of our employees on an ongoing basis. We utilize the process, time and knowledge of our employees efficiently for the distribution of medicines and related supplementary products whose quality and price will appeal to potential customers. We regularly perform supplier audits in order to increase the quality of our deliveries.

The Quality Management System  includes the organizational structure, procedures, processes, and resources, as well as activities necessary to ensure that our product maintains its quality and integrity in compliance with the Quality Management System which is followed in the legal supply chain during storage and transportation. The Quality Management System is documented in the form of organizational guidelines and SOP in the comprehensive handling of medicines. The efficiency of the Quality Management System is monitored through a system of internal audits.