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Reports about counterfeits of medicines spread out in all news-channels. There is a big interest of fake-products due to earning easily money. The globalization of industry and of communication – especially the internet – tempts ways for criminalization in marketing falsification of medicines. Authorities are in a good way to stop the illegal business. However there won’t be ever a guarantee of zero counterfeits. At Splipharm you don’t find any counterfeits. All our suppliers are certified. We control them deeply before entering into business with them. Most of our partners are long-year associates. Nonetheless checks and inspections of suppliers are on schedule periodically. The control against counterfeits is daily business in the store when new products arrive. Conspicuousness of product boxes have to be announced from workers to their superiors immediately. If needed we compare the products with official pictures of the manufacturers or ask the manufacturer directly for help. If there may be any suspicious goods we will ask our suppliers to unfold the complete way of the product up to the production. The problem counterfeits is minimum once a month a topic of our quality management meetings. We also control instantly reports of the authority about counterfeits as well as reports on recalls or other quality defects of medicinal products. We are very proud to say that Splipharm is a certain partner for our clients.